Thursday, March 15, 2012

Riding In My New Grocery Cart. I'm All Style!

This Video is Silly!  I'm having fun!

So, my foster mom has been trying to think of a replacement for the laundry basket she carries me around in (you know the "bully basket") when we go to/from the house, appointments, my celebrity appearances, etc.   I'm getting to be a big girl know and my foster mom's back is killing her!  I have a stroller but is is kind of big and hard to pack down and put in the car in a hurry.  She needed something light, easy to fold up, quick, convenient.

She heard about some really high quality shopping carts at the Crate & Barrel outlet and decided to check them out.  Can you say perfect?

So thanks to Crate & Barrel I can be seen around town riding in style in my new Adele Grocery Cart x5i.  It's the hottest new set of wheels in town!

Now we have to bling out my cart, flags, decorations and signs.  We will work on that next.  Stay tuned.  And if you see a little fawn bully zipping by with her head sticking out of the top of a shopping cart.....that's me!  Be sure to wave!

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  1. Awesome! Just watch out for those red light cameras, Speedy!