About CEBR

Chicago English Bulldog Rescue, Inc. (CEBR) is the premier pure-bred English Bulldog Rescue in the Midwest.  We rescue and rehome English Bulldogs from many states including IL, WI, IN, MO and OH – whether from situations of neglect or homelessness, shelters or pounds, puppy mills and livestock auctions, or from families that can no longer care for them.  Over the course of several years we have rescued and rehomed almost 600 bullies.

We are members of the Bulldog Club of America and its affiliated Rescue Network.  What this means for adopters, surrendering families and shelters is that our bullies get the highest level of care and commitment. They spend their time with us in foster homes where they get daily love and attention. No cages, no institutions.

Through a network of dedicated volunteers, we make sure each and every bully is as healthy as possible – both physically and mentally – before they make their way to their forever home.   The care we provide exceeds any rescue organization around and includes a high quality diet, top notch veterinary care from a bulldog specialist, and behavioral evaluations and training protocols.

We take pride in our rigorous application screening process which identifies only the most qualified adoptive homes.  CEBR also hosts educational programs to teach about this unique breed, networking events where bulldog owners and enthusiasts can come together, and special fundraisers to help us offset the care for the special needs of this breed.  Our average cost of care for rescued bulldog is $635.  At any point in time, we have roughly 30+ bulldogs in our care.  You can see how it adds up quickly!

We are an IL non-profit, licensed with the IL Department of Agriculture, and a 501c3 charitable organization. Your donations are tax deductible as provided by law.

Please learn more about us.  Give a little.  It means a lot!  www.ebullymatch.com.